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Mindful Psychotherapy

developing the art of living in the here & now

About the Evolution of my Particular Approach to Psychotherapy: 

 I have sought out many trainings and studies that aligned with my desire to work with the “whole” person which includes mind, body and spirit as well as family, culture and community. I am fascinated with Neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. I feel deep respect for the capacity of the human mind and body to heal. I have learned that compassion for myself and others creates the fertile ground necessary for growth and learning. My interest in understanding all of these aspects of being human -how the body, mind and emotions work together within a bio-psycho-social context - led me to blend a unique collection of therapeutic techniques including Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Somatic Therapy and EMDR.

I was introduced to Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in 2016. I quickly recognized that using bilateral (left-right) stimulation supported my clients’ ability to stay mindful, accepting and aware as the mind itself was allowed to process and integrate traumatic memory. Utilizing this treatment modality, I have witnessed clients healing faster and more fully than ever before. My respect for the mind-body connection led me to pursue training in a unique form of treatment known as Natural Processing. Natural Processing utilizes Somatic Experiencing and EMDR and this treatment approach was developed by Craig Penner, MFT. It is a form of treatment that shows tremendous respect for our natural drive toward healing and wholeness by incorporating and supporting the expression of the bodies wisdom while enhancing the minds capacity to process integrate information with EMDR. 

Tapping into the Innate Drive toward Health and Wellness: 

It is with our full conscious engagement that the personal and unique dynamics of your struggles or problems will become clear. When we work together we can create the space necessary for the mind, body and heart to begin a healing process. We all have an innate and natural drive toward healing and wholeness that we can tap into and it is this very innate and natural process that allows us to work through the things that feel like blocks to personal wellness, wholeness and happiness.   

Respecting and Understanding the Mind-Body Connection:

In 2004, I injured my back and my ability to function and take care of day to day tasks was greatly diminished. Learning to adjust and cope with pain and serious physical limitations taught me about the fragility as well as the resilience of the body. I discovered that the way I thought about and related to my physical condition impacted my mental as well as physical health. In particular, I remember becoming quite depressed when I temporarily convinced myself that I would never be able to be athletic and physically active in the ways I had come to love and rely upon. Eventually I started the rehabilitation process and then I became motivated to try Pilates and by 2007, I was a certified Pilates Instructor. I utilize this experience and my training in Pilates as a way to integrate and support a greater body-mind connection. Eventually, this interest in the mind-body connection deepened further and led me to integrate somatic therapy into my work with clients.